This coaching client attraction script is intended to help new coaches attract clients easily and on a regular basis. The script is put together from conversations that I have personally used and have worked for me and many of my coaching clients. In this resource, you will find sample messages to attract people to your discovery sessions even if you don’t have a niche and if you do have a niche it will work even better for you. You will be able to attract interests from different platforms and will have many people to engage in your free sessions. This resource provides you word- for- word guide that you can use with literally anyone who has the cognitive ability to have a goal or simply can aspire for one.
So, go for it. Reach more, impact more lives, and transform your life.
Are you interested in staying on top of your game as a high performing coach, trainer or consultant? Do you want to have conversation with potential clients in ways that engage and build solid relationship? Are you interested in closing more leads without worrying about what to say to them? If so, this this 'Coaching Clients Attraction Template is your perfect guide.

In this guide, you'll find:

  • Different email/message templates to send to your potential clients to invite them for a free session with you.

  • Script you can use for potential clients even if you do not have a clear niche, yet

  • Conversation openers for potential clients, even when you've never had any client before

  • Step-by-step guide of how to start your coaching session and hold your potential client's interest till the end.without hesitations.